About Us

My name is Shanne and I am the founder of Luna Siberian Rescue (LSR). I grew up with a love of animals. I was the kid rescuing baby ground squirrels when I was 10, waking up and feeding them with a dropper every 3 hours throughout the the night, rescuing baby birds, taking care of endangered desert tortoises, and convincing my (then) reluctant dad to take in several cats. My first dog was Snowy, a white German Shepherd. She was awesome, and she changed my life! The rest of my life story from then on had a dog in it!

I alway knew that my dream would be to have a rescue someday. What I didn’t know was how that would be defined. I love all animals, and I never dreamed of rescuing huskies! Then I was in PetSmart one day, and there was my Luna, a skinny, sad, but goofy and sweet husky girl. The rest is history. She became the inspiration for my rescue. I fell madly in love with Luna, and the breed itself. I love huskies, malamutes, and mixes of both. They are sweet and special. They are not for everyone, but for those who they *are* for, they are magnificent and perfect. I think I am the luckiest grown-up girl in the world to be able to help Siberian Huskies!!

Luna Siberian Rescue is dedicated to helping Siberian Huskies that are at risk of euthanasia in Southern California shelters. We take occasional owner surrenders depending on the circumstances and the needs of dogs at risk. Our passion is medical dogs. There is no greater experience than nurturing a dog back to health and on to a forever home. This is a costly endeavor, and it is only via the support of our followers and supporters that we are able to help huskies in need.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about the work LSR does.

Shanne Roberts
Luna Siberian Rescue