Surrendering An Animal

Please do not call us to surrender your animal. We get 25-30 requests per week . Please provide by email, the following information about the dog (s) you are surrendering. There is no guarantee we can help, but with some information we can at least determine if we can  assist you with finding your dog a good home . We are foster based, we cannot take dogs in 1-2 days because you have an emergency . We are always short on foster homes. They are at a premium. Its impossible to help emergently. If you need help within days , please reach out to other local rescues or Facebook to network your dog. We have dogs coming out our ears .Over 300 Siberian huskies are surrendered to local shelters monthly in Southern Ca. Close to 300 are sitting right now and there are not enough rescues to help them, much less private parties.

Your Husky you have right now deserves you to go all out for him/her to find a new home. It is an illusion to think many dogs find good homes when they are left at city, county,and even humane shelters. Most never make it back out. If we can’t physically take your pet, we can offer suggestion and help network them for a good home. We can even talk about solutions to maybe issues that are causing you to want to surrender your family member.

Please answer the below information completely and email to:

You must answer all the questions truthfully and include 2-3 QUALITY photos of your pet.

  1. What is the reason for surrendering your husky ? Please be specific as to your situation or the issues that have caused you to consider rehoming him/her.
  2. How old is your dog ?
  3. How long have you had the dog ?
  4. Where did this dog come from ? ( eg- breeder, shelter, stray ?)
  5. Is your husky -Spayed/Neutered ? Has Rabies proof? Proof of vaccines ?
  6. Is your dog microchipped  and is the microchip registered in your name ?
  7. Does your dog have any behavioral issues such as aggression toward humans or dogs ? Food or toy aggression ?
  8. Has your husky ever bitten anyone ? If so ,what were the circumstances?
  9. Potty trained ?
  10. Crate Trained ?
  11. Has he/she been around children or small dogs ? If so, are there any issues ?
  12. Are you able to keep your dog until we find him/her a new home?  If no, how long can you keep him/her?
  13. Any medical issues or health issues ?
  14. What efforts have you made to rehome your dog so far ?